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Face Revolution: Easy Ways to Transform Your Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to a hydrated, healthy complexion. We’ve got four simple tips that can make all the difference.

Skin is a finicky thing. We all aspire to have smooth, beautiful and bouncy skin, but sometimes genetics can get in the way. Thankfully with modern science, many issues today can be remedied with the right products and paying attention to how you treat your skin. Here are four simple changes to start with right now that can make a difference.

Add a Hydrating Hero to Your Beauty Routine

You're going to need to take things up a notch to transform dry skin: consider incorporating a hydrating serum or lotion with hyaluronic acid (HA) into your skincare routine. This active ingredient is a good option due to its moisture-retaining capabilities and low risk of provoking allergic reactions, given that it is something our skin naturally produces. A hyaluronic acid-packed product such as Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel works deeper in skin due to its ultra-light water formula, and contains prebiotics help to enhance the natural production of HA in your skin, working in tandem to provide increased hydration and a plumper complexion.



Your Cleanser Could be the Culprit

Have you ever felt tightness in your face after cleansing? We hate to break it to you, but you don't want that squeaky-clean feeling. The tautness you feel is the result of your skin's natural oils and moisture barrier being stripped away, likely due to the pH of your cleanser being too high. Take a closer look at the pH level of your cleanser, and know that the natural pH of our face averages at 5 — you may need to switch to something that has a more skin-friendly pH



Limit Long, Hot Showers

Love nothing more than a long, hot shower? Unfortunately, these are also too harsh on your skin. The high water temperature and duration of your skin’s exposure to it can strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture. To keep your skin from drying out, take shorter, lukewarm showers instead and make sure you apply moisturiser immediately upon stepping out of the shower to seal in hydration. Think of that final step as a little treat!

Use a Humidifier

Living in a dry climate or spending long hours in air-conditioning can increase moisture loss from your skin, but a humidifier can work wonders to counteract that. Using a humidifier is especially important if you live in a dry climate but want to use a hyaluronic acid product to transform your skin: the HA will have a source of atmospheric moisture to draw from to do its work and restore the hydration your skin needs.