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Formulated with Neoglucosamin 4 Key Components to achieve Glowing Skin
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    Helps boost skin merabolism by 10 times1Formulated to nourish and brighten the appearance of dull, tired looking skin

  • up-to-60.png

    Helps to disrupt skin pigmentation production by up to 60%2

  • evens.png

    Evens out skin toneBrightens dull skin and boosts skin radiance

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    Helps skin to retain its moistureBright Boost Overnight Brightening Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture of each skin layer for hydrated, supple skin

2 Step Regime for Brighter, Glowing Skin When used together, skin radiance increased by 3 times


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Four brilliant young scientists from around the world worked globally to develop their ideal skincare product. Discover how the Neutrogena Bright Boost range came to see the light of day.



Bright Boost Retexturizing Serum

Contains a high concentration of Neoglucosamine which helps to reduce melanin production.

Helps to boost skin metabolism by 10 times1, formulated to nourish and brighten the appearance of dull, tired looking skin.


Bright Boost Gel Cream

Formulated with Neoglucosamine, AHA and PHA to boost skin metabolism for hydrated, radiant and supple skin in 1 week4

When used together with Bright Boost Retexturizing Serum, skin radiance increased by 3 times3!


Bright Boost Overnight Brighten Cream

Formulated with Neoglucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and Recytein - to brighten dull skin and uneven skin tone

Deeply moisturizes and brightens skin throughout the night for radiant and glowing skin the next morning


1 Based on test using Neutrogena products containing NAG, after 24 hours of usage
2 Based on in vitro test results
3 Based on combining Bright Boost skin-illuminating ingredients of Gel Cream and Serum vs Gel Cream alone
4 Individual results may vary