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A Girl On The Go's Multi-Tasking Skincare Match

Face The City With Neutrogena®

The modern woman isn’t just one thing. Her personality? Multi-faceted. Her roles? Multi-hyphenated. Her expertise? Multi-tasking. From day to night, her schedule is filled to the brim with activities — running errands in the morning, meeting up with friends at night, and more. Juggling them all is already a challenge. But living in the urban landscape adds a different type of obstacle.

While there are many advantages to living and hustling in the metro, there’s no denying there are also cons — air pollution being a major one. It’s true. You might not feel it or even think about it, but it’s there. Plus, there are super small — even smaller than pores, hair and beach sand! — particles called PM2.5 that swirl around outdoors that can cling onto your skin. Take precaution because when these are not addressed, these particles can cause dryness, skin ageing, acne, dullness and more.

But we know — you’re already thinking about many things at work and in your personal life, how can you include focusing on this one, too? Well, you shouldn’t. You just need a skincare match that’s just as good at multi-tasking as you and you’re good to go.

For that, you need the ​Neutrogena®Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser​. It has been clinically proven to effectively remove dirt, impurities, and any remnants of PM2.5 on your skin. The fun part? The fun part? While it cleanses thoroughly, it doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture after a busy day of going from one point to another because of a magical ingredient called Glycerin that helps to lock in moisture. So you don’t only get to cleanse your skin but also keep it hydrated. Because of this, your skin will be clear it’s actually glowing. So after a busy day of going from one point to another, make sure you take away the dirt from your face while also giving it the moisture it needs to stay looking healthy and fresh.

Meanwhile, if you’re a busy gal who loves makeup, we say give the ​Neutrogena®Deep Clean Micellar Water​ a whirl. It’s tough on waterproof makeup but not on the skin.

Get the confidence to face ultra-busy days with the help of Neutrogena®. Get the cleanser here, and the micellar water here.